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Rajive Mathur is currently serving as the Chief Information Officer for the Social Security Administration where he has undertaken the responsibility for modernizing the SSA’s IT infrastructure and improving the citizen’s experience with SSA.  Rajive led the development of the Agency’s IT Modernization Plan released in October 2017 that lays out the strategies for modernizing everything from infrastructure to data to the workforce.


Information technology supports every aspect of the Social Security mission, whether it’s serving the public during an in-person interview or online, routing more than 37 million telephone calls on our 800 number, or posting 266 million earner wage reports annually; information technology is the enabler that allows them to service their many customers. Yet, we place extraordinary demands on an installed base of technology that is increasingly showing its age. Most of our core systems are over 30 years old and some embedded software components are older. Over the years, newer technologies have been integrated with these legacy systems without a fundamental redesign of the system and enterprise environment within which it operates.


Today, the cost of operating in this legacy environment is expensive. Frontline SSA employees are finding these systems increasingly difficult to use, and members of the public are not getting the self-service opportunities they have come to expect based on their experience with commercial enterprises. Furthermore, systems engineers with legacy system expertise are retiring from SSA at an increasing rate. Replacing them with similarly skilled staff is also increasingly difficult in the current job market. IT modernization at SSA is a vital initiative that must begin now.


His vision in IT modernization is to deliver modern business process platforms that improve the agency’s ability to respond to changing user needs rapidly and at manageable cost. Equally important, IT modernization intends to deliver an improved customer experience for millions of beneficiaries across all service channels in a cost effective and secure manner. This IT Modernization Plan describes a thoughtful and deliberate, multi-year agency initiative to modernize SSA’s enterprise IT using modern architectures, software engineering methods, cloud provisioning and shared services. SSA’s IT modernization is an agency initiative involving all components.


Prior to his position at SSA, he was instrumental in driving many of the advances in delivering digital services to taxpayers at the Internal Revenue Service.   He set the strategies in place to create secure email and personal accounts to be able to interact securely with the IRS.