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The Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) continuing mission is to provide the safest, most efficient aerospace system in the world.  The Air Traffic Organization (ATO) is the operational arm of the FAA. Management Services provides the critical business infrastructure to support the ATO’s eight geographically dispersed service units.  Management Services is a shared services provider, which operates advocates, and coordinates essential administrative and business produces and services for ATOs 35,000 employees. The business support Management Services provides its internal ATO internal customers--air traffic controllers, equipment technicians, airways planners--has a direct downstream impact on the flying public’s customer experience.


In 2012, Management Services’ senior leadership team recognized the imperatives of rebuilding trust with ATO customers and transforming their own managers and staff into customer-centric providers.


Ms. Bogard, as Senior Strategist and Customer Service Executive for Management Services, led the customer experience (CX) transformation.  She pioneered the development of an overall strategy centered on the ATO Customer Service Framework, uniting industry-proven methodologies with unique practices, methods, and processes proven effective within the FAA culture.  She believed customer services must be the heart of how Management Services’ 11 functional business groups should conduct business. Her goal was to create CX that directly supports ATO’s mission to the citizen.


In 2016, Ms. Bogard rebuilt her customer experience framework to take a more holistic view of the employee experience (EE) and CX.  She has now expanded to look at the delivery of products and services through two different lenses:


  • The outside (looking in) lens uses CS survey as a measurement from ATO’s 8 different service units to better understand their service expectations and how to improve service delivery.

  • The internal lens uses the OPM FedView Employee Engagement Index (EEI) and AJG’s Organizational Heath Gauge (OHG) as behavioral self-measurements at all levels within Management Services to create a more positive and inclusive work environment.


Using both lenses has allowed Management Services to become a stronger and more resilient organization.  This is critical to its evolution and business success because the FAA can simultaneously understand employee and customer dynamics to help better align Management Services’ vision and mission.  Ms. Bogard developed these lenses to specifically operate within the ATO culture and using existing tools to assist in measuring and advocating for innovation, improvement and growth.


Ms. Bogard’s fifth annual CX Survey Report demonstrated Management Services has continued improving as a shared service provider, even in the face of a major Management Services realignment which significantly realigned its structure based on customer feedback.  Additionally, the number of CX Survey invitations increased from 646 in 2013 to 3,403 in 2017 and response rates improved from 49% to 55%, respectively. SInce 2016, CX metrics have been integrated into business plans, individual development plans and Senior Executive incentives and in 2017 customer service seminars were implemented with a 90% positive ratings.