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DC 311

Teddy Kavaleri is the IT Director at the District of Columbia.  Teddy is a leader at improving the customer experience for people communicating with the District Government with the DC 311 system to integrate and consolidate the channels of customer services into a single DC Government contact center.  It supports easy access for local Government services for people that live, work and visit the District.


Like most organization, in the DC Government many support and assistance capabilities grew organically from the bottom up within each department, originally leaving the citizens with a maze of departments to navigate and patchwork of phone numbers.  Later, websites were added as entry points for services and to get information and report issues, but with limited integration. As technology evolved, DC previously did not have the capability for the customer to communicate in a mode most convenient to them.


OUC worked with Incapsulate, to implement a cloud based integrated solution that included phone, on-line, mobile APP, chat, and text capabilities.  This reduced the complexity both to the public, by making it easier to find a given service request, and to the District’s employees by streaming overall business processes.


The team developed a public-facing web portal, as well as developing a mobile application for iOS and Android devices allowing citizens to report issues, request City services, and track the on-going status of their requests.  Additionally, the team implemented a cloud hosted system to handle of all the City’s service requests and associated workflows across multiple departments and agencies.


The District of Columbia’s residents, workforce and visitors are now served by a local government with one of the best integrated contact centers in the country that provides an excellent customer experience.  





DC 311