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After serving eight years active duty in the Navy and five in the reserves, Three Wire Systems CEO, Dan Frank, spent more than a decade in technology sales, marketing and business development before founding Three Wire Systems and VetAdvisor®. Dan’s guiding belief is that technology can be harnessed to change the world, and in VetAdvisor® he has found a way to use his expertise to improve the lives of military veterans and their families. Inspired by his years as a Navy officer, Dan wanted to start a different kind of company, one that would harness the power of a dynamic business to solve social issues. Guided by this vision of using technology to foster change, Dan built the VetAdvisor®, a high-tech high-touch program, around the principle of social goodness: the idea that the bottom line is not just profit but also the social value business can provide. VetAdvisor® is the nation’s expert in veteran-centric integrative care, providing proactive coaching services across behavioral health, wellness, financial, and all aspects of transition and career development. Additionally, the training staff works with organizations to help them more effectively recruit, retain, and interface with veterans.


Founded by a veteran with the goal of serving those who have served our country, VetAdvisor® comprehensively supports veterans with complex conditions by fostering a culture of emotional wellness as part of our integrative health strategy. The VetAdvisor® contact centers are staffed 24/7 with coaches, primarily Veterans with a combined total of 300 years of military service, specializing in occupational, wellness, financial, and behavioral health for veterans, active duty, guardsmen, and reservists. Coaching is about achieving the empowerment necessary for veterans to lead a complete life. The coaches are trained to work through a variety of communications: person-to-person, phone, text, chat, and email to provide veterans the empowerment necessary to live holistically complete lives.


Dan Frank bridges that gap through Three Wire’s innovations in healthcare service delivery by breaking down the barriers with telehealth and virtual support through VetAdvisor®. VetAdvisor® has supported 20+ contracts across the Federal Government and Private Sector supporting over 100,000 coaching sessions for Veterans, Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, as well as employers. The average participant satisfaction scores for coaching average around 98% on issues like: Sleep, Work/Life Balance, Time Management, Taxes, Smoking Cessation, Budget, Debt, Savings, Healthy Relationships, Fitness, Job Application, Career Life Cycle, Effective Communication, Retirement, Resume, and Nutrition with an average call response time of under 14 seconds.  The adage “Necessity is the mother of invention” is an apt description of the driving force that led VetAdvisor® to look for and ultimately define a new metric for gauging performance and engagement. VetAdvisor® provides proactive preventative care to our nation’s veterans, supporting them throughout their journey by managing behavioral health, wellness, personal finance and career issues. The coaches help each veteran craft a specific personal plan that sets goals and timelines to address and resolve their challenges. This can include transition and career assistance such as military skills translation, developing and monitoring wellness goals (e.g., sleep management, smoking cessation, weight management), preparing household budgets and credit analysis, and providing non- clinical behavioral health coaching. VetAdvisor® services aim to prevent reintegration issues from arising, to provide motivational intervention for those issues that the veteran has identified, and to educate the veteran to provide him or her with the knowledge necessary to engage available resources.


This personal touch model leads to Navigational Advocacy: the ability to identify, engage, and solve. Any population will exhibit varying degrees of ability and commitment in facing their personal challenges and achieving their personal goals without coaching intervention. Some veterans are highly motivated and effective at meeting their personal goals and require very little external support from coaches. Others have a much harder time setting goals and getting motivated and often reject coaching services entirely. Most veterans fall somewhere in the middle of what we call the engagement spectrum. They represent the greatest potential for effective coaching outcomes because they have a high interest in self-improvement but lack the skills or necessary techniques to become highly effective at attaining their goals. To objectively measure a veteran’s location in the engagement spectrum we established Milestone VelocityTM, a qualitative metric that represents performance and quality of engagement at any point in time.  They use Milestone VelocityTM scores to drive multi-modal engagements that enable our coaches to apply just the right level of support at just the right time and drive higher personal plan completion rates. We are the only company in this industry to employ the Milestone VelocityTM concept and to drive sustained, real-time connectivity throughout every step of the veteran’s personal plan.