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2020 SERVICE to the CITIZEN™ 

Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2020 Service to the Citizen Award Winners! 
Government Executive of the Year
Margaret Weichert
Deputy Director of Management, Office of Management and Budget
Legislative Executives of the Year
Creating Advanced Streamlined Electronic Services
(CASES) for Constituents Act of 2017
Representative Garret Graves
U.S. House of Representatives
Senator Tom Carper
U.S. Senate
Industry Executive of the Year
Jason Manstof
Principal Customer Strategy and Applied Design, Deloitte
Lifetime Achievement for Delivering Service to the Citizens
Ed Meagher
Consultant, Former Department of Veterans Affairs
Government CX Trailblazer

Anahita Reilly

Former Chief Customer Officer, U.S. General Services Administration

US Department Agriculture

Chad Sheridan 

Former Chief, Service Delivery and Operations, FPAC Business Center

Tonye Gross

Tim Carney

Casey Cook


Courtney Dixon

Frank Geter


Alison Groenwoldt

Sherilyn Hashimoto

Janie Hudson

Ron MacKenzie

Michelle McKinney​

Andrea Naughton

Nannette Pena 

Glen Schafer

Don Simpson

Steve Stark

Matt Stropes

Gwen Uecker Team

Knowledge Management (AskUSDA)

Sandra Dickinson

Lead, Contact Center Center of Excellence, GSA

Knowledge Management (AskUSDA)

Sandra Dickinson

Lead, Contact Center Center of Excellence, GSA

Department of Commerce

United States Patent and Trademark Office

USPTO Automated Search System

Robin Jackson

Technical Information Specialist

General Services Administration

IT Modernization Centers of Excellence

Bob DeLuca


Brian Whittaker

Former Deputy Director

USAGov Improvements

Leilani Martinez

Branch Chief, Content and Outreach, USAGov

US Web Design System

Dan Williams

U.S. Web Design System Product Lead

Ammie Farraj Feijoo

Implementation Lead, 21st Century IDEA

Department of Homeland Security

Procurement Innovation Lab

Polly Hall


John Inman

Professor of Practice

Sandra Schmidt

Knowledge Management Lead

Scott Simpson

Artificial Intelligence for Past Performance Product Owner

Trevor Wagner

Testing and Sharing Lead

Ross Wakeman

Learning and Network Lead

U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services


Digital Services Division

Courtney Winship

Chief, Data Management Division

U.S. Customs and Border Protection


John Wagner

Deputy Executive Assistant Commissioner for Field Operations

Department of Housing and Urban Development

HUD Housing and Lead Index (HaLI) tool

Eric Ewing

Artificial Intelligence Lead, GSA CoE

Department of Labor

Partnership on Employment & Accessible Technology (PEAT)

Michael Reardon

Supervisory Policy Advisor

Scott Michael Robertson, PhD

Policy Advisor

Nathan Cunningham

Policy Advisor

U.S. Postal Service (USPS)

USPS Customer Care

Kelly Sigmon

Vice President, Customer Experience

Social Security Administration

Notification Beneficiaries Team

Justine Traynor

Communications Product Manager

Department of Treasury

Internal Revenue Service 
Tax Exempt Organizational Search Tool

Michael Rautio

Management and Program


Thomas Calhoun

Supervisory Program Analyst

Richard Bundy III

Supervisory Program Analyst

Jill MacNeice

Digital User Experience Analyst

Erin Mitchell

Digital User Experience Analyst

Jose Vejarano

Program Manager

Jalynne Archibald

Supervisory​ Program Analyst

Richard Crom

Management and Program Analyst

Anita Cyprian

Management and Program Analyst

Tiwana Holland

Project Manager

Sean O'Reilly

Executive Director

Sharon Perkins

Internal Revenue Agent

Tax Withholding Estimator

Kira Prin

Digital User Experience Analyst

Alan H. Plumley

Technical  Advisor

Miji Mathews

Supervisory IT Specialist

Eric Markow

Proj​ect Director

Taxpayer First Act Office

Erin Mitchell

Digital User Experience Analyst

Ashley Kent

Product Manager in Online Services

Michael Ratio

Management & Program Analyst

Victor Aledo

Acting Director, Tax Forms and Publications

Department of Veterans Affairs

Loan Guaranty Service

Jeffrey London

Executive Director

Veterans Benefits Administration's (VBA) Education Service

Charmain Bogue

Executive Director

Education Service

Robert Orifici

Education Portfolio Manager

Veterans Feedback

Carie Curtis

Executive Director, Enterprise Management & Design Directorate

My HealtheVet

Theresa Hancock, PAHM

Director, My HealtheVet

Office of Connected Care Veteran's Health Administration (VHA)

Susan Haidary, M.Ed, LBSW

National Stakeholder Manager, My HealtheVet

Treva Lutes

Communications Director

Office of Connected Care Veteran's Health Administration (VHA)

Veterans Administration Patient Experience

Jennifer Purdy

Executive Director, Patient Experience Directorate

Veterans Experience Office (VEO)

Office of Management & Budget

Amira Boland

Lead, Customer Experience

U.S. Access Board Team

David Capozzi

Executive Director

State & Local Government

9-1-1 System for the State of California 


Mark Ghilarducci


Mitch Medigovich

Deputy Director

Budge Currier

California 9-1-1 Administrator

State of Tennessee Department of Health

Shelley Walker

Director of Communications & Media Relations

Tennessee Department of Health

Elizabeth Hart

Associate Director of Communications & Media Relations

Tennessee Department of Health

Bill Christian

Associate Director of Communications & Media Relations

Tennessee Department of Health

Ted Williams

Web Master

Tennessee Department of Health

Colorado Department of Health Care Policy & Financing

Sarah Eaton

Deputy Client Officer

eGovernment for Missoula County, Montana

Tyler Gernant

Clerk and Treasurer
Louisiana Division of Administration Communications Team

Jacques Berry

Director of Policy and Communication

Marsha Shuler

Policy Manager

Tai Istre

Lead, State Census Data Center

311 Services for the County of Suffolk, NY

Scott Mastellon

Chief  Information Officer (CIO)

State Construction Registry of Utah

Mark Steinagel

Division Director

International Governments

Michel Laviolette

Director General

Digital Service Directorate, Citizen Service Branch

Melissa Teasdale

Executive Director

Service Canada



Richard Salem

CEO and President

Three Wire Systems, LLC

Cindi Clark

Director, Program Delivery

MyAdvisor, A Division of Three Wire Systems, LLC

When Sacrifice Calls Podcast

Lesley Lykins

Producer and Host

Senture, LLC

Dr. Liz Herman

Director, Knowledge Management (AskUSDA)